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This Page lists additions to the website
3-7-05 Sailor Page has been expanded. If you have not mailed your questionnaire back, PLEASE do so ASAP.  Email Webmaster with any corrections, additions, etc.
2-2-05 SPECIAL NOTE: A Questionnaire has been mailed to all known 83' Sailors  to update records and  history.  Please fill out as best you can and return ASAP.  If you do not receive same notify the webmaster.  (Link 0n Bottom of Home Page)
1-20-05 Interior views of the Pandora (83499)  added to its story on the History Page link.
1-05-05 Several new Sailors added on Iron Sailor Page

12-09-04 Several new Sailors on Iron Sailor Page and Sailor boat # corrections.
11-19-04 Post CG history of 83525 on Post WWII History Page and several new Sailors on Iron Sailor Page.
10-22-04 Date and place set for 2005 Reunion.  See Reunion Page.
10-5-04 Some original data about the 83's added to WWII History page (thanks to Jim Eubank)
9-22-04 Webmaster is back from reunion and summer travels. Sailor Page updated from crash and some new names added.
7-14-04 The Sailor's State-Home Town Page is back.  Link is on the Iron Sailor Page.
7-12-04 The unique fate (with pics) of the 83499 is linked on The History Page.
6-30-04  More Sailor names and pics added.
6-17-04  The Sailor's stories on the various Histoy Pages   have been restored.
Mid May '04 the website "crashed" and the newest back-up would not work so an older back-up was used.  About half of the website was lost.  Most all has since been reconstructed.  The Photo Album Page was completely overhauled.  If your name is not on The Iron Sailor Page, email  the webmaster.