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Post WW II


The 83 foot cutters served during  WW II and after the war ended.  They were designed for off-shore ASW patrol.  Sixty took part in the Normandy D-day invasion as rescue craft.  Another fifty-four served in the Pacific. After the war ended sixty-one served  in the USA as SAR and harbor entrance patrol cutters.

The web pages on the left provide information and pictures about these roles.

Many Sailors have asked "What happened to my cutter?"  The Post WW II page lists the fate of a handful of cutters as "civilians" .  Mark Sublette has provided us with  an interesting story (with pictures) of the civilian fate of the 83499.  Click here to read the story.

Wheeler Interim Report, c 1942

Provided by Jack Parker, 83331






WW II Poster

Provided by Ken Sutherland



Original Picture