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Cutter Lists


This section of the 83 footer website is for accessing the databases. There are two databases, the 83 foot cutters and the sailors who served on 83 footers. A future enhancement will be to add a list of those who are friends or family of 83 footer sailors.

The list of 83 foot cutters can only be displayed. It may NOT be modified. But if you have information or corrections please inform the WebMaster so your information can be evaluated and changes made as appropriate.

The list of 83 foot sailors can be added to as well as displayed. If you have served on an 83 footer please fill out the form for 83 footers and submit it. The form for 83 foot sailors contains three types of information.. The first type is general information, including your name and the 83 footer you served on. It will be made public and available to anyone.

The second type is the optional type. You will be asked to indicate whether this information is to remain private or can be made public. This information includes your address, phone number, email address and the like.

The third type is secure information. This is information will only be available to the operators of the website and will not be made public without your specific approval. This type data would include your service number, etc.

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