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Post WW II

  Other than the WW II history reference to the 83-footers being decommissioned after the war,  there is one reference that implies that only 61 of the cutters started their peace time duties. There is a 1950 CG post card of an aerial view of Cape May that shows about 30 cutters in wet storage. Some of the cutters were sold and converted to private yachts and fishing vessels. Of the cutters that were re-commissioned the configuration was changed. The mouse trap, depth charge racks and sonar were removed and the 20-mm gun was moved forward. The "air scoop" ventilators were replaced with power ventilators and of course the cutter was painted white. A crew of 8 (on average ) manned the peace time cutter: a BMC (OIC), BM1, ENC or EN1, EN2, EN3, cook and 2 SN or variations there of. Many of the crews lived aboard the cutter -- with no shower or running water (one pumped it). After the start of the Korean "War" it is known that at least some (all?) of the commissioned cutters were again modified (and armed) back to the WW II configuration. At that time the crew was increased by 3: an Ens, SO3 and GM3.

The cutters were used for SAR (at that time the CG towed broken down vessels to the port of their choice!!) and Harbor Entrance Patrol (HEP). The cutters on SAR duty were on 15 minute call which meant that when dispatched, they were to be underway within that amount of time. On occasion an 83 footer would pull escort duty at yacht races.






1953 Silver Cup
Detroit River, Detroit MI, September 7, 1953

A visitor in Detroit for a Labor Day address became a regatta spectator in the late afternoon. Former President Truman boarded a Coast Guard 83-footer at the Windmill Point Yacht Club upstream and cruised down the course between the third and forth heats to the Naval armory near the Belle Isle bridge.


 In Their  Own words: Fred Noble, RD2  83412 and  John Estep , RD2 83506 - Post WW II  SAR Duty  (Click Here)

 Home Ports and Mission

This is a partial listing of known home ports from posts by 83' sailors.  The dates are when one or more sailors served on the cutter.  The cutters were most likely at these ports for a longer time.  Some cutters were reassigned to another port. We need your help to complete this History.  Email inputs to webmaster–see bottom of Home Page

Alameda, CA

83300 (1959-60) ?

83391 (1956-62) ?

83397 (1957-60) ?

83370 (1957) ?

83411 (?)

83484 (1961-62)?

Anacortes, WA 83483 (1962-63) ?

Astoria, OR 83378 (19??-54) ?

Boston, MA

    83488 (1951- 54) HEP /SAR

    83503 (1958-'59) COTP

Beal Island, ME 83360 (1956) ?

Cape May, NJ

          83464 (1949-58) HEP/SAR

          83490 (1954-58) HEP/SAR

          83518 (1954-61) HEP/SAR

         83427 (1954) HEP/SAR

          83529 (1960-62)HEP/SAR

Charleston, SC

    83497 - Diesel (1958-59) HEP/SAR

    83501 (1958-59) HEP/SAR

Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Island  83596 (1952-57) SAR

Crisfield, MD 83504 (1955-61) SAR [Also Little Creek, MD]

Fire Island, NY 83464 (1960) ?

Fort Bragg, CA
        83411 (1954-59) SAR
        83397 (1959-60) SAR

Friday Harbor, WA 83483 (1957-62) ?

Galveston, TX 83389 (1952-60) ?

Grand Isle, LA 83491 (1956-60) ?

Honolulu, HI 83394 (1954) ?

Lewes. DE 83464-(Diesel (1955) HEP/SAR

Little Creak Va.
     83380 (?) ?
     83504 (1955-61) HEP [also Crisfield, MD]

Los Angles, CA 83320 (1958-60) ?

Long Beach, CA  83450 (1955-57) HEP/SAR

Mayport , FL 83463 (1956) ?

Miami Beach 83455 (1950-54+) SAR 
      83497 (1960-61) SAR ( 2 - 12 cylinder Vickers aircraft engines)

Mobile, AL 83499 (1951) ?

Monterey, CA 83412 (1947-49) ?

Nantucket, MA 83503 (1950-58) SAR

New London, CT 83346 (1958-60)  HEP/SAR
`    Branford, CT Summers (1959-60) SAR

Newport Beach, CA 83452 (1961-62) SAR

Norfolk, VA

          83435 (1952) ?

          83312 (1949-52) ?

Pascagoula, MS

          83499 (1955-59) 

          83389 (1951) ?

Port Angeles, WA 83523 (1948-50) ?

Port Aransas, TX

Point Loma, San Diego, CA 83300 (1950-52) ?

Portsmouth, NH 83487-Diesel (1952-58) SAR

Port Townsend, WA

 83378 (1954-61) HEP

 83484 (1957-61) HEP

 83481 (1958–60) HEP

 83453 (1953–61) HEP

Provincetown, MA 83486 - Diesel (1951-56) SAR

Sandy Hook, NJ  83381 (1955-56)?

St Thomas, VI 83506  (1956) SAR

San Francisco  83397 (1954-568) ?

San Juan, PR

83400 (1949-57) SAR

83455 (1949-57) ?

San Pedro 83337 (1947-48) ?

Tacoma, WA 

        83512 (1953) ?

        83527  (1948-56) HEP

Terminal Island., CA

     83484 (1961) ?

    83450 (1957-61) ?

Vallejo, CA 83412 (1961-63) SAR

Wake Island, Pacific 83394 (1952-54) SAR

Woods Hole MA

    83388 (1951-55) SAR

    83487 - Diesel (1961) SAR

The last cutter was decommissioned on April 15, 1963.



Below are the  known privately own 83 footers afloat today.  The 83527 (update below) in the peace time configuration (and converted to diesel),  the 83416 was converted to a charter yacht named the "Elfin"  out of Western Canada, the 83482 which was also converted to a yacht named the "Dragon Lady" and is used for charter fishing out of Sitka, Alaska,  the 83394 was also converted and named  Noel. She is presently in South Alabama having work done. When completed, she will be moved to North Carolina. The 83525 presetly named "Adams Dream".  For some post-CG history of the 83525, click here.  The 83366, the M/V  "Tiburon" ,just completer a major overhaul in Seattle, WA. The exterior has change little. Click here for more photos.  The 83345, the M/V True Blue, does Charters out of Sitka, AK. 

Pictures of 10+ additional cutters that  were converted to private use can be seen  at . It is not known if they exist today.  Their numbers are: 345, 363, 364, 394, 450, 434, 458. 459. 484 511 and 452.



Dragon Lady

Adams Dream

CIMG0681.JPG (191708 bytes)

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True Blue

The 83527 is owned by an organization called "Combatant Craft of America." We are a 501C3 non-profit organization, we maintain the website to document the history of these small boats and our goal is to acquire more boats like the 83527 and keep them in service to share with the veterans and public. The 83527 is the first of our acquisitions.  For information on the 83527, previously named Guardian, visit and follow our progress.

F/V Roberta Dee  Hauled Plymouth, MA c 1948 83310 (Stranded '56)© by A. Readdy

M/V Wild Goose, Duxbury, MA c 1948 (Had SV Engines) 83367 © by A. Readdy

 C06-00144.jpg (158902 bytes)

The 83355 was purchased after the war and turned into a deep sea fishing boat named the Sea Feaver out of Clearwater, Fl. In the 1960 it was sold to a person in Tarpon Springs and caught fire and burned some time after.

Please credit the Clearwater Historical Society for the Picture. I think this post card was made sometime between 1947 and 1950. I can remember my Dad taking me out on the Sea Fever in 1951 and somehow I remember the price being $5.00 at that time.

Charlie Harper
Largo Area Historical Society
Largo, Fl