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Adam's Dream - 83525

(After Coast Guard)

We acquired "Adams Dream" formally the "Happy Go Lucky" and before that the CG 83525 at auction from the US Marshall Office in 1980 in Martinez, California. My wife Julie and our daughter S, lived aboard her until 1990. In addition to our daughter S, Julie and I had two children, V and T who were actually born aboard during those years.

Just prior our acquiring the CG 83525, Mr. Charles Adams had her and did most of her extensive conversion. He was deceased by the time we bought her and apparently his wife didn't pay charges owed and the vessel was seized and sold. Mr. Adams bought the CG 83525 from the man who bought her from the CG in 1962. This gentleman, who's name I cannot remember, named her the "Happy Go Lucky". He and his sons chartered her on the Sacto River and operated her as a Documented Fishing Boat for hire. He did the original conversion in 1962. She had two Sterling Gas engines which he replaced with GM 671s. Under powered to be sure but nonetheless dependable. Other than some minor changes she remained much as she did while in the service. Adams made the major changes which included staterooms, heads and galley and dining salon which included a wet bar and wood burning fire place.

We kept her at Snug Harbor ( which we owned at the time), Point Sonoma, located on the Petaluma River and finally at Oyster Point Marina in So San Francisco. We sold her in 1990 to a couple who had planned to take her to Alaska. As far as we know that did not happen and she is currently on the Delta somewhere. The last time we saw her, she was deteriorating severely and we were very sad. We offered to buy her back but she was not for sale. Too bad for her and us.


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